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Разное, 11.02.10

Garriott Victorious In Million Suit Against NCsoft
Veteran game designer and erstwhile cosmonaut Richard "Lord British" Garriott has prevailed in his legal action against former employer NCsoft, scoring million in a dispute over stock options and the circumstances of his departure from the company. A federal court yesterday ruled that NCsoft had deprived Garriott of profits on his stock options by mis-categorizing his exit. The Ultima ...
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News: Garriott wins $28m from NCsoft

Разное, 07.02.10

NCSoft Booth at Gen Con Indy 2006
Image by mikesalsbury

News: Garriott wins m from NCsoft
Court agrees that he was fired, lost out. Richard Garriott, the father of Ultima and creator of Tabula Rasa, has won his lawsuit against former employers NCsoft and been awarded million by the jury in the case. Garriott sued the Korean publisher for fraud last year, claiming he was fired, but that NCsoft had "re-characterised" his departure as voluntary. This meant Garriott had to sell his ...
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