What are the benefits of attending art classes?

Arts & Entertainment, 23.12.17

What are the benefits of attending art classes?

If we are a hopeful artist or art student attending art classes for adults in Singapore may be one way for us to make sure we get off to a sound start. Building a solid footing for our future profession, by attending formal painting or drawing classes makes great sense. However, learning art is not just good for future artists. Research has shown that spending time at art classes can bring immense benefits to the minds of adult too!

Current studies in the fields of art therapy, music therapy, and other creative modalities confirm that art can affect individuals by inducing both psychological and physiological healing. Whilst young children are optimistic to be creative through arts and crafts in school, it is not only young minds that can benefit from doing art to increase stimulation and creativity.

What kind of activities can be involved in art sessions?

> Create a themed craft display

A good thought for occupying elderly residents is to think of a popular film or theme that all of the residents will have some knowledge of. Popular classic films are a good theme to explore. Our care home residents do not have to be talented or artists to participate, simply painting and cutting out characters can make a great end result.

> Allow our residents to choose objects to paint

A fun activity could be to take our residents outside and allow them to choose simple objects to paint or draw, such as flowers, plants and other objects. This allows elderly residents to have an element of control over the activity and create art of their liking. We can display the drawings on the walls to encourage more creativity and add a splash of color to our care home.

 > Use art sessions as a chance to learn about the lives of our residents

Adult art classes can be used as an occasion to learn about the past of folks. We could ask our residents to create artwork of their favorite hobby or a certain event in their life and explain their art. These drawings could be created through a range of methods such as painting, pastel crayons, sketches or crafts.

Some of the multiple benefits of adult art classes in Singapore include;

         Learning to express feelings, with or without words

         Learning to think creatively and with an open mind

         Learning to observe and describe, analyze and interpret

         Learning how to relax and find mental stillness in a busy world

         Collaboration with other adults

         Practice problem-solving skills, critical-thinking skills

         The ability to discover that there is more than one right answer, the idea of multiple points of view

         Art introduces adults to cultures from around the world

         Art has been found to help adult with physical, emotional or learning challenges; any adult can experience success in the arts.

         Art builds confidence.  There is not just one right way to make art; every adult can feel pride in their artistic creations.

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