What is the best MMO game to play on a Mac?

Разное, 12.05.12

Question by sprocketts: What is the best MMO game to play on a Mac?
In your opinion, whether it's free or not. I have a MacBook Pro with i7 processor and Radeon graphics card. Looking for a game to play online like WoW.

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Answer by Locke
looking for a WOW type game?why not WOW?there really aren't any other good MMO's maybe SWTOR if it's ever release's for Mac or Rift.sorry i've had nothing but problems with every Mac product I've owned when it came to playing any type of video i can say from personal experience when it gets down to it a Mac is not the choice for video gaming.i won't get into my reasons but yeah good luck getting anything to actually without help.

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