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Free online game Vindictus (Mabinogi heroes) Fiona Hammer Giant Shield Game play. Fiona is a tanker can use the shield to protect her from enemy attacks the only character that with a shield is a slow type of character little bit hard to control but have strong smashes. This is an easy run just to show you how is the game play really is by using "Fiona" Characte level cap 70 , this game is not an open world but there is a two cities where you can shop, repair, craft and do other quests and bored to missions "dungeons" from! you can play with a party of four players for normal runs and fight as a group there is Guilds(clans) and ranking system, Raids which sometimes need 6 to 8 players, it is a really huge game lots of updates & events it has cool armor, if you are really looking for a free online game you should check it out :) i will be uploading more videos of other characters, there is four playable characters at this moment a fifth character will be released soon,each character has two style or weapons "Fiona" is a tank base character uses a Long Sword. or a Hammer which i'm using in the video and a large shield you also can use a small shield it has less defense but lots of counter attack skills,it's my main character you can't choose the gender of the character but there is two female characters and two male characters the fifth will be also male, Vindictus by Nexon America can be played in USA and Canada, Vindictus by Nexon Europe can be played in Europe, there is ...
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Battlefield 3 online game play commentery and Battlefield 3 online game play live commentery. If you have any questions about Battlefield 3 and its gameplay online feal free to post a comment about my battlefield 3 video ;)
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