Top 10 Free Indie PC Games 2011

Разное, 01.05.12 A selection of some of the best indie free PC games you just have to play. For links to download each game see the full description. This top doesn't include retail games gone free or free-to-play MMOs (you can check these at the freemmostation channel). And when we mean Top free games 2011 it doesn't mean all games are from 2011 -- Tag, for instance, is from 2008 but still a great game - but that the top was created in 2011. 10-Music Racer 9-King of the Streets 8-MotoGT 7-Dirchie Kart 6-Wroom 5-Ballman Planets 4-Lethal Judgment Origins 3-The Last Dance 2-Burning Thirst 1-TAG: The Power of Paint

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