What is the best MMO game in this category?

Разное, 21.03.12

Question by : What is the best MMO game in this category?
I'm looking for a MMO (online game) that has good graphics, good gameplay and is a great challenge. I'm hoping for a MMO game that is more sci-fi or future themed or fantasy like.

Note: I currently play World of Warcraft, and Everquest2 and Runes of Magic. All of them are great MMO games, but I'm looking for something with a little more of challenge and more artificial intelligence and more RP (roll play).
I so can't wait till Guild Wars2 and SWTOR

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Answer by Faycal Kilali
Diablo 3 it'll be released this year! oh also battlefield 3 is gonna be awesome :D

You should try Eve Online that game is a great MMO,it got a 1 week free playing too!

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