Forces of War

Разное, 07.03.12

Forces of War

  • Craft custom weapons
  • Engage in black ops missions
  • Destroy enemies on the real time bounty list
  • Move up the ladder of the top 10,000 generals
  • Participate in weekly tournaments

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Falling Stars

  • Hours of exciting and fun RPG system gameplay suitable for children
  • Intriguing storyline that unfolds as you discover the truth behind the dazzelon mysteries
  • you have the ability to customize Lunas outfits
  • seven fun mini games that help your neighbors and test your skills

In Falling Stars, players take on the role of Luna, a young girl living in Dazzleon, who longs to be something more. One day, her uncle, Matt visits and discovers a mine that seems to possess odd powers. He becomes so intrigued that he decides to stay in Dazzleon and investigate. Soon, to the horror of Luna and her neighbors, he becomes obsessed with the mine as it starts to possess him. He begins to experiment on his pets and eventually turns them into evil monsters. Because it is her uncle, Lu

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Price: $ 15.09

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