Q&A: What should we know before buying cheap Aion Kina?

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Question by Travis: What should we know before buying cheap Aion Kina?
Hi~ Guys, When I search online, I find hundreds of Aion Kina selling sites, thought this game just came out last November. I don't know what's should I attention.

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Answer by Barry King
You should pay attention to the following aspests:

Firstly, the only details you’ll need apart from your payment details, are the name of the character you play where you want the Aion Kinah to be sent to. You do not need to supply your login name or password under any circumstances.You will never be asked for your password, the login name.You should never supply these under any circumstances.
Secondly, you should make sure it is safe to buy Aion Kina from this site. Some reliable sites will promise that you can get full compensation if your account get banned for buying Aion Kina from their site.
Thirdly, Can they offer you a safe delivery way. Many sites will choose face-to-face delivery way now, which is the safest way.
Fourthly, you certainly should get a cheapest price. You should make a comparison to many websites and choose the cheaper one.
Fifthly, some sites may deliver for you just in 20 mins but some sites may need several hours or several days, sometimes even several weeks.

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