Guild Wars 2 PAX East 2011 – First Time Playing- Guardian Part 1

Разное, 22.10.11

A couple things to note about this vid. Yes, this time I AM the driver. Second, this was my very first vid recorded at the NCSoft Meet and Greet, quite literally the first time I've had to play the game at all. Yes, you can hear my slamming keys- bad habits from tanking will never die. No amount of videos or speculating or reading can prepare you for this game properly, especially if you just jump into a higher level zone like I did. I played this profession to try something different for myself, as well as give you guys a chance to look at the game. As you could tell, I did much much better as a Warrior and an Elementalist. This is a 3 part vid! I'm uploading this raw and unedited for you guys, like the warrior/elementalist ones I did. So you are gonna see when the game d/c's and I end up switching over just for the hell of it. I am absolutely terrible at the Guardian profession, it was very clumsy and didn't learn pick up the mechanics of it as quickly as I wanted. -THIS IS A GREAT PROFESSION, I'M JUST TERRIBLE AT IT FOR THE TIME BEING.- If it's not very clear here than stay tuned for parts 2 and 3, you'll see. Keep an eye out for Asuras in the later ones- I'm pretty sure I got a clear shot of some in later vids. As always- keep an eye on this channel for uploads. If nothing else, I will most definitely keep this channel up well into release, then you can expect regular uploads of live gameplay and events. Thanks for watching guys, you made this project well worth it!

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