City of Heroes Collector’s DVD Edition

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City of Heroes Collector's DVD Edition

  • Create your own hero from hundreds of unique powers and costumes
  • Face super-criminals, mad scientists, alien invaders and more -- 20 different story arcs to choose from
  • Live the story, becoming an integral part of Paragon City -- watch how they react to your victories and defeats
  • Form your own superhero group, banding together with other heroes and exploring the skyscrapers, slums, sewers and streets of Paragon City
  • Once you're established in the city, move on to the expansions - Through The Looking Glass and Shadow of the Past

The City Of Heroes Collector's Edition compiles all the action of the incredible online role-player game! Travel to Paragon City, where aliens are invading, high-tech crime syndicates are running the streets and the cops need all the help they can get. Pick a costume and some powers, then hit the streets as a superhero! With the first expansion, you'll get to tweak your costume and powers, fight on rooftops, and battle the massive beasts and new crime syndicates: The ultra high-tech Malta Group,

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Price: $ 99.95

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