PC game of the year awards 2009

Разное, 07.05.11

This is pixel smashers' PC game of the year awards. Our users on the site voted on the nominees via a set of polls and the winner had the highest number of votes in that category. Please visit our site at: ______ The winners ______ Indy game: Torchlight Hardware: ATI hd 5870 Graphics: Armed Assault 2 Multiplayer: Left 4 Dead 2 Racing game: Need for Speed Shift Third Person: Batman Arkham Asylum RPG: Dragon Age Origins RTS: Dawn of War 2 FPS: Left 4 Dead 2 Fighting game: Street fighter 4 (not in video) Most innovative: Braid (not in video) Voice acting: Batman Arkham Asylum Best Story: Dragon Age Origins Game of the year: Dragon Age Origins Note: this list was voted on by our community. If you want to participate register and tune in next year at: **Please subscribe and register at our site. We need your support!** Credits: Script: FacTor-X Editing: FacTor-X Voice: Wek

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